Driver Licenses

Obtaining and Renewing Your Driver's License

Driver's licenses are essential for legal and safe driving in Oregon. Understand the process, requirements, and tests involved in obtaining and renewing your driver's license. Stay informed about different license types and endorsements available from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Driver's License Types

Oregon offers various driver's license types based on age, experience, and purpose. Familiarize yourself with the different license types, including learner's permits, provisional licenses, and commercial driver's licenses (CDLs), to determine the one that suits your needs.

License Renewal

Driver's licenses in Oregon have expiration dates. Learn about the renewal process and any requirements for renewing your license. Ensure that your license remains valid and up to date to avoid driving with an expired license.

Endorsements and Special Requirements

Some driving privileges and endorsements may require additional tests or qualifications. Discover the endorsements and special requirements available, such as motorcycle endorsements, commercial driving endorsements, and specialized driving certifications.

Obtain and renew your driver's license in Oregon to legally operate a motor vehicle. Understand the requirements, tests, and types of licenses available to ensure compliance with state regulations. Stay informed about license renewal and any special endorsements or requirements applicable to your driving privileges.