Specialty License Plates

Show Your Support with Unique License Plates

Specialty license plates allow you to display your support for various causes or organizations on your vehicle. Discover the available specialty plates in Oregon and choose a design that aligns with your values or represents a cause close to your heart.

Types of Specialty Plates

Oregon offers a wide range of specialty plates representing different themes and organizations. Some popular types of specialty plates include:

  • Wildlife conservation plates
  • Veterans support plates
  • University and college plates
  • Charitable organization plates

Obtaining Specialty Plates

To obtain specialty plates in Oregon, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Oregon DMV website to explore the available specialty plates.
  • Choose the plate design that you wish to support.
  • Complete the necessary application forms provided by the DMV.
  • Pay any applicable fees for the specialty plate.
  • Submit your application and payment to the DMV by mail or in-person.
  • Once approved, you will receive your specialty license plate to proudly display on your vehicle.

Support a cause or organization and make a statement with a specialty license plate in Oregon. Display a unique design, logo, or slogan on your license plate and raise awareness wherever you drive. Choose a specialty plate that resonates with you and show your support with pride.